History Of Our Practice

Companion Animal Hospital is the oldest veterinary practice in the Hammond/Ponchatoula area. The practice originally began in the early 1950s by Dr. Joe Austin. Dr. Joe primarily serviced the dairies of southern Tangipahoa and would do some small animal practice when he had the time. Over the years, as the dairy industry declined in this area, his emphasis changed, so, when he retired in 1982, the practice had become exclusively small animal. It is still not unusual for clients, almost 30 years later, to come in and speak of what a kind and able doctor he was. Dr. Karan Gillane joined the practice in 1978 and became an owner in 1981. Dr. Ron Gilbert came on board in 1981 and became a partner 1982 upon Dr. Austin’s retirement. Since that time, we have strived to maintain Dr. Austin’s goals of practicing compassionate and high-quality medicine while being committed to remaining current in new procedures, technology and treatments.

Our Practice Today

Companion Animal Hospital has recently completely upgraded their clinical laboratory equipment to the most modern available in the veterinary health industry! We can now have important blood tests run in a matter of minutes, versus waiting for several hours or even days for blood results. By obtaining these results so quickly, we can often get results to you while you are in the hospital rather than you having to leave your pet and return at a later time. Our clinical laboratory has made us able to institute senior wellness exams for your pet which allow us to often detect diseases much earlier when they can be treated more effectively and less costly!

Our hospital is fully computerized and networked throughout the clinic. The practice management system used by Companion Animal Hospital keeps track of your pet's birthdates, weight, blood work and when vaccinations are due. Our system keeps our entire database of patients in order, creating even more time to take care of your pet!