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Surgical Suite

Companion Animal Hospital provides veterinary surgical services for pets in Hammond, Ponchatoula, Loranger, Tickfaw, and Independence, Louisiana. Using the most up-to-date surgical techniques, our qualified and experienced veterinarians routinely conduct a variety of soft tissue surgeries such as spays, neuters, growth removals, biopsies, as well as treatment of wounds and abscesses. We also perform amputations, FHO repairs, cherry eye and third eyelid repairs.

If surgery is found to be necessary for your pet, you can rest assured that our experienced doctors and staff will take the utmost care of your pet and treat it as our own. At Companion Animal Hospital, we understand that anesthesia is scary, especially when an older pet needs a procedure. To ensure your pet’s safety, we recommend blood work prior to each surgery so that we can screen for any abnormalities or conditions that may be problematic. We also monitor vital signs throughout all stages of surgery and recovery.

Whether your pet is of the age to be spayed or neutered, or needs a different surgical procedure, Companion Animal Hospital is here for you and your pet.

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