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How old should my pet be before spaying or neutering?
The earliest we can spay or neuter a pet is 5-6 months of age. If you aren't planning on breeding your pet it is healthier to have this done before they reach maturity as it greatly reduces the risk of certain cancers, prostate issues and infections later on in life.


Do I need an appointment at Companion Animal Hospital?
We are a walk-in clinic for routine exams, vaccinations and sick visits. Appointments are required for surgery and grooming. It also is a good idea to book appointments for boarding during the holidays and summer months as we stay near capacity.


Why is it important that my pet have an examination or blood tests done yearly?
The ratio of dog/cat years to human years is approximately 7:1. This means that if our pet has not been to the veterinarian in the past year, it is the equivalent of a human not having a check up in seven years. Yearly exams and Heartworm testing help us make sure your pet stays healthy and parasite free.


Does my pet truly need a dental procedure?
The overwhelming answer is absolutely yes! Bacteria can accumulate in the mouth and enter the bloodstream, reaching your pet’s internal organs. These bacteria can limit the lifespan of your pet. In addition, dental disease is painful. Many times, our older pets are less active, not because they are aging, but because they are in pain and have no way of telling us.


How important is nutrition for my pet?
Similar to human food intake, a diet that is low in fat and high in protein is essential to the life of your pet. Companion carries a full line of Science Diet and Hill's Prescription foods. These foods are quality nutrition for pets in any life stage.


What if I begin to notice visible fleas and ticks for the first time on my pet?
No one likes to see their four-legged friend suffer with fleas, ticks, lice or mites. There are so many options out there that it can be a confusing and daunting task to know which products are safe and effective. Companion Animal Hospital carries a full line of the newest, safest and most effective products to treat and prevent these disease-carrying pests!